Old Colleagues News – April 2017



Long Lunch Friday 28th April 2017

The Long Lunch (Blue Giant Day) is on our doorstep.

Numbers need to be finalised this week and payments need to be arranged this week.

If you haven’t got yourself organised on a table please do it this week.

If you don’t have a table captain we can organise that for you contact

Tim Booth: tim_b@bigpond.net.au

Rich McGrath: richard.mcgrath@kemosabe-capital.com

Jen Blair : jen.blair@iinet.net.au

The Long lunch is a prepaid event

The preferred method of payment is through the try booking link below

click on the link it will guide you though the process. (simple process)


The long lunch is a great opportunity to reunite Blue Giant friendships and to celebrate being part of one of the great rugby clubs also it an opportunity to support the club as this lunch is an important part of the season’s fund raising.

Ticket $200

Venue -Doltone House at Tatts in Elizabeth St

Start -1.00pm

Dress -Rugby tie (preferably Colleagues Tie, sports coat optional)


Old Colleagues On Tour

(Tour Report from Jeremy Nesbitt)

Old Colleague stalwart (200 games) and former premiership winner and successful Club coach Robert Rush recently found himself leading a Blue Giants and friends tour to the Hong Kong Kowloon Rugby10s (part of Hong Kong’s week of rugby madness incorporating the legendary Hong Kong 7’s). It was a great chance for some old Colleagues to say g’day, drink beer, sing the club song and in some cases even put a jersey on and get involved on the the field or just lend a hand on the sideline 1

The Social Hand Grenades (a HKFC team) featured Colleagues Ben Radclyffe, Lee Curtis and Tim Shrimpton. While the Aussie based Busted Old Bastards’s BOBS (with a healthy helping hand from HKCC Rugby) had those Colleagues magnificent men, Adrian Morris, Adam Upton, Ben Garland, Tony Scott and Jeremy Nesbitt putting on the boots.

Also former Blue Giant, Damian Dunn was seen supporting heavily on the sidelines.

Apparently the Blue Giants and the BOBs both got knocked out in their semi-finals, sadly preventing what would have been a block buster of a Bowl Final.

Our fearless tour reporter Nez reports that he was not sure how the Social Hand Grenades (with Colleague influence) finished. It seems that the BOBs didn’t catch the rest of the semis or finals due to their commitment to their traditional after match performance inquiry (otherwise known as “kangaroo court piss up”).

From the Vault

Poem for Old Colleagues (With thanks to contributor Brian Wood)

A Poem for old rugby players………..

When the battle scars have faded

And the truth becomes a lie

And the weekend smell of liniment

Could almost make you cry.

When the last rucks well behind you

And the man that ran now walks

It doesn’t matter who you are

The mirror sometimes talks

Have a good hard look old son!

The melons not that great

The snoz that takes a sharp turn sideways

Used to be dead straight

You’re an advert for arthritis

You’re a thoroughbred gone lame

Then you ask yourself the question

Why the hell you played the game?

Was there logic in the head knocks?

In the corks and in the cuts?

Did common sense get pushed aside?

By manliness and guts?

Do you sometimes sit and wonder

Why your time would often pass

In a tangled mess of bodies

With your head up someone’s arse

With a thumb hooked up your nostril

Scratching gently on your brain

And an overgrown Neanderthal

Rejoicing in your pain!

Mate – you must recall the jersey

That was shredded into rags

Then the soothing sting of Dettol

On a back engraved with tags!

It’s almost worth admitting

Though with some degree of shame

That your wife was right in asking

Why the hell you played the game?

Why you’d always rock home legless

Like a cow on roller skates

After drinking at the clubhouse

With your low down drunken mates

Then you’d wake up – check your wallet

Not a solitary coin

Drink Berocca by the bucket

Throw an ice pack on your groin

Copping Sunday morning sermons

About boozers being losers

While you limped like Quasimodo

With a half a thousand bruises!

Yes – an urge to hug the porcelain

And curse Sambuca’s name

Would always pose the question

Why the hell you played the game!

And yet with every wound re-opened

As you grimly reminisce it

Comes the most compelling feeling yet

God, you bloody miss it!

From the first time that you laced a boot

And tightened every stud

That virus known as rugby

Has been living in your blood

When you dreamt it when you played it

All the rest took second fiddle

Now you’re standing on the sideline

But your hearts still in the middle

And no matter where you travel

You can take it as expected

There will always be a breed of people

Hopelessly infected

If there’s a teammate, then you’ll find him

Like a gravitating force

With a common understanding

And a beer or three, of course

And as you stand there telling lies

Like it was yesterday old friend

You’ll know that if you had the chance

You’d do it all again

You see – that’s the thing with rugby

It will always be the same

And that, I guarantee

Is why the hell you played the game!